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Left-Handers in Society

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Here's the idea: You may send your message to a target group that you would like to be more informed with respect to interacting with left-handers. These may be horror stories about well-intentioned efforts to make you right-handed, or they may recount clever coping strategies from parents/teachers/employers that have worked. A category for manufacturers and service providers allows you to address left-handed design concerns. If you are accomplished in sports or music, you can send specific tips, related to sports/musical technique. And a new section has been added to help physicians diagnose medical problems specific to left-handers living in right-biased infrastructure.

The aim is to provide a resource for parents, educators, employers, manufacturers, service sector managers, physicians, left-handers and ambidextrals that will educate, illustrate, and promote productive interactions between right-handers and non-right-handers.

What I do NOT want (and will likely not post) are: (1) general questions or observations about handedness, (2) more comments just like the ones that already exist, and (3) long, rambling comments. This is not a discussion group or question line.

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This is a edited, moderated website. M.K. Holder reserves the right to include, exclude, and edit comments for brevity, clarity, and readability, so....

Keep your comments SHORT

If you sign your name, it will be posted with your comments. If you prefer to remain anonymous, do not give your name.

If you object to the manner in which your comments have been edited, inform me via e-mail, and we will either word it to your satisfaction or omit your comments from the site.

By submitting your comments to this website, you agree that M.K. Holder has copyright over these specific quotes, and may use them anecdotally in publications without your name.

M.K. Holder shall not be liable in the event of incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of information supplied herein.

And finally, no discrimination here: right-handers feel free add comments!

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I will periodically update gauche! Left-Handers in Society with comments relevant to the stated aims of this website. In the event that space limitations prohibit the use of all comments, only the most relevant will be used.  Thank you!

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