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Brain Stuff Find out what Handedness has to do with
Brain Lateralization,
and who cares,

Handedness Questionnaire Participate in on-going research on
Human Handedness,

African Primates See and hear several species of
African monkeys and apes on
The African Primates at Home Home Page,

East Africa Have a look at some East African Fieldsites
where I do research,

Mk's Shamba Explore Mk's InfoSafari Shamba,

Famous Left-Handers Check out a list of Famous Left-Handers  updated
  Available en Français | en Español | in Pig Latin

gauche! Left-Handers in Society Get it straight from the source:
gauche! Left-Handers in Society
 updatedJAN 2000
  A resource for parents, educators, physicians & employers

off-ramps Take one of the InfoBahn Off-Ramps to:
Sites Neurological
Africa-Related Sights
Tropical Wildlife Conservation
Non-Human Primates
Other Beasties
What to Pack for the 21st Century
Dial 911
Horizon Expander

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