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Ph.D.   1999     Rutgers University
M.Phil. 1992     Rutgers University
M.A.    1991     Rutgers University

Research:        handedness, brain specialization, primate behavior & ecology, East Africa

2001-present    Executive Director,   Handedness Research Institute
1994-present    Affiliated Scientist, CISAB, Indiana University
2002-2006       Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Indiana University

1998-2002        Educational Outreach Director, CISAB, Indiana University
1992-1993        research: Uganda, Rwanda
1989-1991        teaching assistant : Rutgers University
1990                  research : ex-Zaire
1988-1991        graduate study : Rutgers & Princeton
1981-1988        design jeweler
1979-1981        musician

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Dr. M.K. Holder, Director
Handedness Research Institute
402 N. Park Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405  USA

FAX:  812.855.0411

©MKHolder NOTE BENE: Due to the volume of unsolicited e-mail I receive, I refer pleas for homework help, technical assitance with web pages, and general questions regarding animals or handedness (survey, methodology, relationship to brain, specific advice re: left-handers) to online resources developed to address these needs.